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Career Passivity is not an Option!

Staying current takes regular attention, periodic investment and commitment.


What is it like to work with me?

Are you passionate about having a great career? Because I am. I totally love what I do and that is to help you sort out your career issues and move forward with confidence in a career that you love too.

It can be overwhelming! The world of work is changing shape and spinning out more choices (and challenges) than anyone can keep up with. I don't presume to have all the answers - no one does. But I believe in you and your potential for success (and a satisfying career). I trust in your instincts, intelligence, and deep capacity for self-understanding and change.

You can count on me to really listen to you, ask the tough questions, tell you the truth, and give you the perspective you need.

My role is to help you clarify and deepen that self-knowledge. Then, as you set career goals, I'll help you figure out how to make the changes. I'm there as your mentor, information source and sounding board… supporting you through the process of making career decisions and positive work/life changes.

Guiding Beliefs

  • You deserve to have a wonderful and satisfying career and you have that choice! The good news is there are more opportunities than ever before and they'll continue to multiply as you grow older … your experience really counts.

  • Self-knowledge is the best investment in your career. The world of work (& your career) are going to be changing - that's a given you can't control. But, the better you know yourself, the more you'll be ready to adapt and judge opportunities that come your way.

  • Career passivity is not an option - no one will take care of your career for you. It's a little like taking care of your teeth or personal fitness and (I would argue) just as important. The process takes regular attention, periodic investment and commitment. Like a great smile and a strong body, the rewards of an exciting and satisfying career are hard to put a price on.

  • Career development is a process. You can learn the skills and body of knowledge you need to travel this journey with confidence. I'll be teaching you to do this.

Expected Results

Like many of my clients, you may 'feel differently' after only one session. In other cases, the people in your life will start to notice changes before you do.

  • You're more confident, more relaxed, and better at communicating what you want.

  • You're making plans and following through, involving others in the process, and gaining energy.

  • You feel better prepared to meet your challenges and you're hopeful about the future.

  • You have a clear sense of who you are, who you want to grow into - and what direction to go.

The possibilities are real - you'll be able to find that career you've always dreamed of, craft a niche that's right for you or breathe new life into your existing career. And all the while, you're building the foundation that will help you change future jobs and careers with confidence.

How I'm Different

When you're looking for help with your career these days there are a lot of 'experts' out there. What makes me different from other career consultants? I think there are 4 vital differences.

  • I specialize in working with young (and young-at-heart) professionals. I don't just help you find a great career path, I educate you about the process … and prepare you for future career transitions in a changing world of work.

  • I 'walk the talk' on education. You can't talk about careers in the 21st century and not talk about the importance of education. In my clients' world, the idea of life-long learning is critical … and it is for me too. When you work with me you can relax knowing that you're getting the benefit of my 'cutting edge' graduate education - uniquely targeted at career development. See About Me

  • I'm optimistic about my career ... and yours. When our work is done, I want your feet to hit the floor every morning full of anticipation and excitement. 'Good enough' doesn't cut it for me. I want to see you exhilarated by your career possibilities!

  • And ... I'm an idealist about my life ... and yours. For me, the 'good life' is all about balance. I insist on it in my own life ... and it's part of the mindset I bring to the table. We work on a career action plan that considers all aspects of your life - vocational, emotional, financial and family.

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