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Welcome to the Buzzz – a place where I step back from the noise and chatter and try to make some sense of what’s happening in the world of work. Sifting through the trends, tips and ’how to’ lists... to examine the underlying themes and how they might inform your world view ... and work/life decisions.

Opportunity knocks - smart career detours!

It's hard not to get excited by a 'great' career opportunity ... especially when it 'pops up' unexpectedly. More money, prestige, adventure, a chance to work with someone you admire or try your skills in an enticing new arena. Just imagine!

Whether you've been thinking about change or just working away on your career, the natural temptation is to jump ship and 'go for it'. The worry, of course, is getting off track - tossing long range plans for an unknown future. A savvy detour or a total career derailment? How to decide?  (more)

And the Oscar goes to - Getting support for ‘risky’ career choices

Sooner or later you’re going to have to tell your family you’re not going to be a doctor. And, while they may actually be open to a ‘range’ of other careers, you just know they’ll be devastated by your plans to be an actor (artist, musician, entrepreneur, etc.).

Who can blame them? All but the luckiest artists face a lifetime of poverty, rejection, and unemployment – not to mention the endless need to prove themselves. And we all know the statistics on small business success. It’s no surprise that families balk at these choices - that they simply dismiss them as unrealistic … even immature.

So how to calm their fears and get their support? It’s a bumpy road ahead and you want them ‘on side’. After all, it’s important to stay connected.  (more)