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No time to suspend career dreams - a recession-proof strategy!

Nothing like a shaky world economy, rumors of a real-estate downturn and a corresponding media frenzy to set the bravest hearts aflutter. Pursuing an authentic career is never easy ... especially when it means shutting out the 'voices of reason' to connect with your own heart-felt identity.

But in today's climate the alarms are blaring - as corporations scramble to cope with change and uncertainty, rising unemployment is real. No surprise that many young professionals are tempted to 'hang on' to any job ... and just ride it out.

How then to resist panic and stay positive as you regroup. And, while you're at it - how to reposition yourself for the eventual economic recovery. Meet Alex. (more)

Opportunity knocks - smart career detours!

It's hard not to get excited by a 'great' career opportunity ... especially when it 'pops up' unexpectedly. More money, prestige, adventure, a chance to work with someone you admire or try your skills in an enticing new arena. Just imagine!

Whether you've been thinking about change or just working away on your career, the natural temptation is to jump ship and 'go for it'. The worry, of course, is getting off track - tossing long range plans for an unknown future. A savvy detour or a total career derailment? How to decide?  (more)

Then one foggy Xmas eve" ... Rudolph found his dream job

Turns out it was right 'under his nose' all along - a win-win situation for both Santa and Rudolph. It doesn't happen often though - being 'tapped' for the perfect job. Managers usually 'need' you to stay where you've been productive. But waiting patiently for an opportunity can be the wrong decision.

You know it's time - the job is getting stale, you've outgrown your responsibilities and you're ready to develop. They know you're restless ... but nothing's happening. You still like the company but 'greener pastures' are starting to beckon. The challenge is to reposition yourself ... and get management 'on board'.

Even a great company can be reluctant to change what (for them) is going well. To some extent it's a test of the organization - whether they truly value you and are prepared to look at you in a new light. So, how to promote your potential (& marketability) without threatening to quit. Meet Ben.  (more)