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Thanks for the raise but - how am I doing, really?

It's a little like ballroom dancing - a nervous couple, tripping over their steps, not too sure who's leading. Whether it's the annual 'tango' or the daily 'cha cha cha', managers and staff are rarely comfortable with the giving and receiving of feedback. No surprise that the process often falls through the cracks ... and many young professionals end up 'working in a vacuum'.

How to turn that around then - to get the feedback you need to grow as a professional without being 'a pest'. And, while you're at it - how best to orchestrate your annual review. Meet Cal.

A bright-eyed city planner (& thoughtful urban activist), Cal had snagged his entry-level position right out of university. Year #1 had gone smoothly (he thought) - a 'satisfactory' performance review, a wage hike, a growing sense of confidence. Cal had been patient - working hard and staying 'under the radar'.  (more)

Then one foggy Xmas eve" ... Rudolph found his dream job

Turns out it was right 'under his nose' all along - a win-win situation for both Santa and Rudolph. It doesn't happen often though - being 'tapped' for the perfect job. Managers usually 'need' you to stay where you've been productive. But waiting patiently for an opportunity can be the wrong decision.

You know it's time - the job is getting stale, you've outgrown your responsibilities and you're ready to develop. They know you're restless ... but nothing's happening. You still like the company but 'greener pastures' are starting to beckon. The challenge is to reposition yourself ... and get management 'on board'.

Even a great company can be reluctant to change what (for them) is going well. To some extent it's a test of the organization - whether they truly value you and are prepared to look at you in a new light. So, how to promote your potential (& marketability) without threatening to quit. Meet Ben. (more)