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To MBA or not to MBA"... the question is Why?

It's an age-old question for anyone serious about a business career ... and increasingly, for young professionals unhappy in their jobs. When you're feeling a bit stuck or under-appreciated, a return to familiar ground (university) and a chance to 'regroup' is tempting. After all, an MBA should boost 'life-time' earnings and future opportunities ... or so the common wisdom goes. So where to begin? How best to sift through choices and decide? Meet Talia.

An ambitious career-builder, Talia grew up in the shadow of her brothers (successful wildlife biologists) and geologist father. Rugged outdoor adventures and a passion for science had set a competitive pace ... and Talia had scrambled to 'keep up'.

After school she'd carved out a path in engineering, working as a project manager for a small environmental firm. It was a challenge from the beginning - rough contractors, 'grubby' outdoor work, and the responsibility for 'making it all happen'. She hated it.

At 26, Talia was ready to switch paths ... but not anxious to start from scratch.  (more)

No time to suspend career dreams - a recession-proof strategy!

Nothing like a shaky world economy, rumors of a real-estate downturn and a corresponding media frenzy to set the bravest hearts aflutter. Pursuing an authentic career is never easy ... especially when it means shutting out the 'voices of reason' to connect with your own heart-felt identity.

But in today's climate the alarms are blaring - as corporations scramble to cope with change and uncertainty, rising unemployment is real. No surprise that many young professionals are tempted to 'hang on' to any job ... and just ride it out.

How then to resist panic and stay positive as you regroup. And, while you're at it - how to reposition yourself for the eventual economic recovery. Meet Alex.

A gifted communicator with a talent for putting people at ease, Alex had a business degree and a budding career in finance. He worked in a large bank - managing 5 junior advisors along with his own elite clientele (international foundations). In a booming economy Alex and his team were 'geared for growth'. And then everything changed!

The world economy jolted. Technology brought increased competition - and the bank shifted into restructuring mode. Alex was 'promoted' to help expedite the downsizing and staff lay-offs. Two weeks later, he knew he couldn't do it.

When he came to me as a client, Alex was discouraged - torn between the anxiety of laying off loyal staff and the sense that only he could cushion the blow. Once an enthusiastic team leader, he was losing heart, popping anti-depressants ... and he couldn't see a way out. He wanted options and a plan. (more)